Frequently Asked Questions

1 How long does it take for my files to be signed?

Our online code signing service is fully automated, it takes around 60 seconds to sign your files after we receive your payment.

2 What will be the name on the digital certificate? will it be under my name?

Your files will be signed using our SHA256 EV Certificate, hence the digital signature will be under our company name.

3 When will my file's digital signature expire?

Never! Once a file is signed, it will be valid forever and trusted by Windows permanently.

4 How long will my signed files be kept?

We will store your files signed for 30 days so that you may re-download them anytime within the 30 day timeframe.

5 What type of file can I sign with this service?

We currently support code signing for .exe, .dll, .ocx, .sys, .cpl, .drv and .scr files.

6 Can I sign a kernel driver with online code sign?

The short answer is Yes, however, since Windows 10 Version 1607 all "new" Windows 10 kernel-mode drivers are required to be submitted to the Windows Hardware Developer Center Dashboard portal (Dev Portal) to be digitally signed by Microsoft. The Operating System will not load "new" kernel mode drivers which the Dev Portal has not signed. Also, all kernel-mode drives submitted to the Hardware Dev Center Dashboard must be signed with an EV Code Signing Certificate before the HDCD can sign them.

7 Is there a demo I can download?

You may download a signed demo file.