Online Code Signing Service

Code sign your executables and drivers online with our EV code signing certificate for just $30

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Our Code Signing Process

You can have your program digitally signed within just few simple steps.

  • Upload your unsigned binary file (.exe, .dll, .ocx, .sys, .cpl, .drv, .scr.)
  • Pay our code signing service fee
  • Our system will digitally sign your files with our codesign certificate once the payment is received
  • Your signed files will be available for download within 2 minutes after payment

Code Signing Service Made Easy

Online Code Sign allows software publishers to code sign at their convenience without extensive requirements of having to have their own certificate, employers are saved the mental strain of having to deal with the requirements and steps to have their own license and have it approved and validated and then further deal with the subsequent applicable consequences. By purchasing EV from us, users simply have to fill the required compliance forms and have their information validated and simply get the EV to codesign for any of their executables.

This is a major change from conventional providers which are adamant on having the license sourced from customers which is a difficult task to arrange for most customers as they do not have the information or resources to do that in a short amount of time. It also brings publishers the ability to make their software secure by simply adding security and making sure that customers feel at home while using the software.

What is code signing and what are the benefits of code signing a Windows executable for software publishers?

The processing using a digital signature relying on a certificate to sign executables and other scripts to verify the identity of the author and to ensure that the there has been no changes within the code since the time of the signature. This adds a layer of credibility to software and helps users and other software differentiate between trusted software and otherwise.

The process of code signing adds an extra element of security and it enhances user trust while using the software/website. It leads to customers feeling secure while using the website while also providing further credibility to the website. Customers can recognize that the code is verified from a credible 3rd party and there is no room for malicious intent or data hijack.

For software publishers, code signing provides a high trust level as users trust credible programs and feel comfortable installing it. It also leads to the OS detecting the program to be safe to install and does now issue security warnings. Security warnings can be an extremely negative aspect when it comes to installing the software as it can completely thwart off the user from installing the software and it gives an extremely negative impression to end-users.

What are the benefits of Extended Validation(EV) Code Signing comparing to normal code signing?

Extended Validation (EV) certificates come along with the standard features of a digital codesign. Along with the traditional process for simple signed code, Extended Validation included a very strict vetting procedure and the requirements are extremely high for hardware security. This makes the license much more credible in comparison to typical signed code. Apart from that it also adds a layer of trust to the users and adds to the integrity of applications.

Similar to most certificates, the most essential aspect of any code signing certificate is the private key of the certificate. The private key allows the digital signature to be credibly verified by the internet browser. With the compromise of the private key, a plethora of new risks open up. They are really dangerous for the functional integrity of the software. EV Software makes sure that software is protected from the aforementioned risk by placing the private key on an external hardware token, ensuring that unauthorized access is not possible.

The purpose of the use of code signing certificates is to serve as evidence on the credibility of the product. It is also proof that the software has not been altered for any reason. This brings an extra level of confidence for users and improves the reception of the product.

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